About Us

Image is of a woman in a red flannel and black apron, holding several tools and standing next to a glass work torch and kiln

Hi! I'm Annie Grossarth-Nicol, owner of Rose Colored Glass. Thanks so much for visiting! My glass career began back in 2011, when I took a class with Malcom Potek at Potekglass in Minneapolis while attending MCTC for Fine Art. I subsequently interned with the studio, and then became an employee and teacher until 2015. My work there consisted of doing production work, managing aspects of the studio, and teaching the majority of classes. For the past few years, we have had a basement studio set-up, and while I do enjoy production and making art, I have deeply missed teaching classes and sharing this craft! Opening up my own educational studio has been a hope of mine for over a decade, so for me, Rose Colored Glass is a dream come true!